Making Difference Makers


kwame j dompreh clf pastor   No Photo icon
Pastor John Dompreh    Harold Williams
I have served for 10 years as the resident Senior Pastor of CLF Life Centre, I strive for excellence through my teaching and leadership.  I am passionate about seeing lives transformed, and believe that many have been led to think outside of the box and excel beyond mediocrity. 
  Overseeing the audio visual and sound department, Harold is excited about exploring new and innovative ideas and technologies to help the Church reach a wider audience. He is the chairman of the board of trustees and assists in the heading of pastoral care for CLF Life Centre.

Emmanuel K   Joy C
Emmanuel Kodua   Joy Campbell 
I am enthused about doing God's work, alongside my family. I form part of the leadership team, geared towards steering CLF Life Centre. I am honored to oversea the prayer, finance and ushers teams, alongside the life groups, Service(s) protocol and I am also a member of the board of trustees for legal and finance.
  Faithfully serving at CLF Life Centre since 2009, Joy heads the administration team, assists in overseeing protocol at events and aids in looking after the well being of the senior leaders. She is also a member of the board of trustees.
Kaream H   Website Sam
Kaream Henderson   Sam Asamoah
I enjoy being around the young people. I am very passionate about them developing their personal relationship with God and to become well rounded people in society. With this I am fortunate to be heading the Youth and Bridge ministries as well as the finance team.    Heading a dynamic team Sam heads the Ushers team, serving faithfully for 9 years at CLF Life Centre.
Paulina A   Chi Chi E
Paulina A   Chi Chi Ekhator
I am excited to be heading the catering team, where we meet people, new and old alike, as well as interacting with the children; which is a joy. I desire to see the team built up in love and exhibiting a true family atmosphere.
  I am passionate about bringing the Bible to life for children of all ages in fun and creative ways. I love to travel with my family and see the wonders of God's handiwork. I also head the children's ministry
Chris E   Vivian D
Chris Ekhator   Vivienne Dompreh
I am a man who just wants to please God and share the joy of everyday living with friends, family and God's children wherever I go. I was born to transform lives. I also head the men's ministry   Heads the women's ministry
Christine A   No Photo icon
Christine Asamoah   Liji Morrison
Heads the music ministry
  Heads the sound team
Kiran H   Hermione L
Kiran Hujan   Hermione Lewis
Heads (acting) the Audio-Visual Team
  Heads the interior design team